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BEAST exclusive showcase; OMO!

PERINGATAN: ini tersangat-sangat panjang. If you guys wanna know how was the showcase; *by my opinion,, of course* stick with me until the end. (≥v≤)/

Okay,, mula-mula; cerita bermula dengan suatu hari. One of my KPOP mag do ‘report’ about this one voting line for having BEAST in Malaysia. Since the voting line only happen on FB; so I ignore it. *because I don’t have any FB that time~* Until this one day; time semua orang tengah sibuk dengan U-Kiss Fanmeeting,, adalah ‘seseorang’ ni bagitau yg BEAST comfirm turun Malaysia 26 June 2010.

And I just like; SHUT UP!!! That was awesome!! BEAST do SHOCK the world lah that time. (:

And there whole one BEAST week; were the 8TV QIUCKIE giving away a few passes to catch BEAST. You know what; I think I have to win it lah. BEAST man~ Come on! So; I’ll try called the QIUCKIE to win the passes. Dapat sebenarnya! Aduyai~ And guest what; all the sudden I just realize something,, if the QUICKIE got those passes, 8TV NITE LIVE must-have does passes to,, KAN??? So; I think I just gonna wait for NITE LIVE. (:

So; their on. But this time; no-more-collecting-question-from-day 1-until- a- few- day- later-like-Super Junior-and-U-Kiss-contest. Huhu; what the NITE LIVE ask us *the fans~* to do is:

1) Take any BEAST moment photo of you and tag them on FB.

2) Do a dance parody of Mystery song.

Well; this is very interesting. So; I decided to make a dance parody.

Base on the video title je pun dapat tau yang kami *me and my brother~* try very-the-hard to dance. (we so proud of you guys.) \(≥_≤)/

Ngeehehe; but I actually win those passes through CELEBRITY CHAT. Hahahaha. Well; rezeki ada di mana-mana bukan. So; the next day,, someone call me.

“Hello, can I speak to SIM YE JU?”

“Er… sorry. Wrong number ar~”

“I actually from 8tv. Can I speak to SHINee_SuJu?”

“Oh! Okay, that me~” :D

“You just win your self a pair of BEAST passes and a poster.”

“Oh! Really? Yeay~~~”

*SHINee_SuJu is my nickname on 8tv chatbox~*

Huhu; so exited that time. The next morning; I went to Seri Pentas to redeem the passes. This is like my first time ever to Seri Pentas? Tersesat kejap at situ.. T^T

So; that is before I went to the showcase. Now; the showcase. Lets get it started…

P/S: Since I use my handfone to snap a pic and record some moment; there a few interruption going on. A few pic a bit blur and some video got ‘pecah-pecah’. So; mianhae~~ (>n<)v

The showcase was held on 26 June 2010 *the time went all of you guys go to uni~*; start 7pm (base on the passes lah~) at KL Live, Live Center. Since nobody,, nobody was here~ *clap clap,, clap* I go there with my 14-years-old-brother-yang-cuak-takut-dia-sorang-je-lelaki-kat-situ. Ngeehehe.

Kami sampai kat situ dalam pukul6. And; guest what! Dah penuh dengan manusia-manusia; sangat-sangat-sangat-sangat-sangat ramai~~

Bukan main havoc lagi. Tipu lah kalau aku kata aku tak exited tengok keadaan sekeliling. Well; this is my first time went to this kinda event. Banner; lampu liplap; poster all over the place. So hot hot hot~~~

“We want BEAST!! We want BEAST!!”


“BEAST is the BEST~!”

Berkumandanglah jeritan-jeritan kami yang sangat tak sabar nak tengok BEAST tuh. Sampai lah masanya nak masuk; berpushing-pushing bukan main lagi. And; all the sudden,, someone said “For those only wear the BEAST t-shirt can get in first! If full after that; we’re so sorry~” What daaaaa?

Well; evendo the showcase a bit late from the schedule,, and we were standing outside from 7pm until 8.30pm,, and there a few gimik that happen,, and being push like whuuuuut!; finally I made it to get in. Sumpah; betul-betul dugaan. Can’t imagine it again~

Okay; confession!!!!! I’m not really BEAST like SHINee, so,, there only a few song that I know. Like SHOCK; MYSTERY and TAKE CARE OF MY GIRLFRIEND. (thanks to Chap~) So so; I really really forget the ‘susunan’ of the song. So sorry~~~ -_____-“

But first; please do enjoy this video.

Gi Kwang~

Yo Seop~

Doo Joon~

Dong Woon~

Hyun Seung~

Jun Hyung~

BEAST WAS SO HOT!!!!!!!! \ (≥v≤)/

(i am totally into Gi Kwang guys~)

Again; evendo I already like ‘sardin’ that time,, but it still havoc!!!!

This is a few moment that I can remember:

@ The showcase start at 8.45pm.

@ The first half; BEAST sing about er… 3 song (if im not mistaken!) and they all wearing white.

@ There are two translator; that help BEAST.

@ One of the question that been ask; “what do you guys think about Malaysian girl?” Either Doo Joon or Yo Seop,, answer *cant remember ar~* “oh! They all beautiful~”

@ While BEAST go change; a few girl got a chance to take a personal pic with BEAST. What they need to do is; dance SHOCK. Okay; I can do better. Hahahaha.

@ Second half; while BEAST in the middle of interviewing,, Dong Woon offer, “do you guys want to take a pic with us?” And they turn; facing the stage while the fans as the background. (and their wearing red.)

@ That time; Doo Joon make his ‘cuak’ face; because there a few fans try to grab him!

@ Everytime Gi Kwang; Doo Joon and Yo Seop start to sing; the srceam became louder and louder!!

@ There a lucky draw; to choose one of the fans,, get up to the stage and the BEAST sing for her/him. (so jealous of you lah SITI!)

@ Gi Kwang the first person who hold that girl!!! -_______-

@ And; every one of the BEAST member gave the girl a roses. (Doo Joon even do the ‘propose’ pose.)

@ Yo Seop bring along his camera and take a lot of pic.

@ Second half; BEAST sing.. maybe 3 song also? *forget~*

@ At the end of second half; when BEAST went to change (again) Yo Seop said,, “terima kasih malaysia~” Then; Doo Joon said,, “saya cinta kamu~” Arrrhh~~~


@ Third half; BEAST sing TAKE CARE OF MY GIRLFREIND,, SHOCK and MYSTERY. (remix)

@ Gi Kwang show his abbs while singing,, and he didn’t do backflip in MYSTERY.

@ When the showcase end; and the BEAST when to backstage; Doong Woon said “I love Malaysia!” And then; Doo Joon said “me too~” with his cute face!

@ Jun Hyung looks very the same like G Dragon.

@ Yo Seop was totally cute~~~

@ And; its end on 10pm.

From left: Yo Seop,, Hyun Seung,, Doo Joon,, Gi Kwang (which have been cover by that 'big' man~),, Dong Woon,, Jun Hyung.

Ngeehehe; and then,, there an autograph session for the fans. Okay; since the autograph sessions just for those who got the BEAST album and since I don’t have any money to buy one,, so I didn’t get ANY AUTOGRAPH from BEAST. Ceyyh~ (sorry chap!!!!!!) so again; I left early while other so happy with their autograph.. T^T

So; that the end of the BEAST exclusive showcase. Well; I might be ‘sardin’ and its quiet uncomfortable,, but its still worthless~ BEAST; THE BEST!

*27 June 2010; infornt of FCUK outlet at One Utama,, there another autograph sessions. Well; there no point if I go there. So I didn’t go~ -_______________________-

cute BAKI and giant MIKE.

*Geust what? I meet MIKE CAPMTON and BAKI ZAINAL (from 8TV NITE LIVE) there. Mike; you way-way-way-way to tall man. Baki; you such adore.. And yeah; I just win myself some goodies from 8tv. (thanks guys~) *__________*v

p/s; i'm seriusly dont know how to play that 'Princess and The Frog' card game guys~

(✿◠‿◠) Fatto Fatt .

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Anonymous said...

celake gile weh !!!
jealous aku dgr sumpah jealous!


Fatt said...

rilek ar min~
huhu; suju punye konset nanti; kite g same2 eh?
ngeehehe! ^___________________________^

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